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Our Commercial Bakery is fully equipped and ready for production of pastries, cakes, and pizza and breads; the bakery 15-foot Bakers Exhaust hood will allow to bakers bring their own specialty bakery or pizza equipment.

  • Baxter Double Rack Rotating Oven,
  • Proffer,
  • Dough Sheeter
  • Double Stock Convection Owen,
  • 80-quart Hobart Dough Mixer,
  • Bread Slicer,
  • 7ft x 3 ft Bakers Wood Top Table,
  • 6ft x 3ft SS Bakers Glazing Table
  • Bakers Sheet Pans, and so much more.

The refrigeration equipment includes a walk-in cooler and walk-in freezer.

Hours available to rent the space:
From 6am-2pm; 2:00 pm-10pm; 10 pm-6 am;