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Getting Started

Follow these easy steps to get started with our shared kitchens

Submit Application

Ready to get started?

You can submit your application online in just a few minutes.


Proof of Insurance


Proof of LA Health Department Requirements

Food Manager Safety Certification
Serve Safe Managers Course
Valid Food Handler Card


Schedule an Orientation and Walk-Through

Obtain Key Card
Finalize Paper Work
Schedule and Reserve Time

Get your catering, baking or food prep business up and running!

Getting the business end of things in order doesn’t have to be such a headache. We know you want to get started in the kitchen, so we’ve created a complimentary Getting Started Checklist to help get you up and running.
Once you’ve got all the pieces in place, you’ll be ready to give us a call to take a tour of our space and reserve your spot at Shared Kitchen Rentals!
Here are the steps…

1. Call Shared Kitchen Rentals for A Tour

Call us at Commercial Kitchen OC 949.295.6097 to schedule a tour of the kitchen and discuss booking time in the kitchen. You’re on your way!

2. Contact OC Health Department

Vanessa Reyes, REHS

Environmental Health Specialist II

Specialized Assessment Team


3. Obtain Valid Food Manager Certificate

There are many companies offering this certification. We recommend taking an in-person class. The instructors know what information needs to be focused on and the test is given at the end of the course. One person on your team must have a Manager’s Food Handling Certificate and all other team members must have Food Handler’s Cards.
TIP: Take a course which gives immediate, verifiable results of the test. They are usually a little more expensive, but you will have proof of passing right away. If you take a course which mails the certificate, you will have to wait for the certificate to arrive (usually six to eight-weeks) before you can work in most commissary kitchens.

4. Secure Business Liability Insurance

We require our kitchen to be listed as an additional insured on your policy. There is a line on the policy for Damages To Rented Premises (each occurrence). For our kitchen the amount listed in this section must be $1,000,000.00. It is a requirement of our landlord.
TIP: A good, comprehensive policy should cost no more than $90 per month.
Resource: If you cannot find a policy to fulfill this requirement, please call us at 949.295.6097 We can get you in touch with a great agent!

Call Shared Kitchen Rentals to schedule a tour!

Contact Gary at OC Shared Kitchen Rentals by calling 714.434.8001 to schedule a tour of the kitchen and discuss booking time.
You’re on your way!

Book a Tour


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